Do you want to attract higher quality leads and customers with Facebook Ads?


Facebook is changing fast.

Gone are the days of cheap clicks, easy wins, and running any offer you want.

Facebook has hit MAX ad load, and as a result they are:

  1. Jacking up prices...
  2. Kicking people off the platform who don’t ‘play by the rules’...
  3. And doing everything they can to create a great experience on the platform so that Facebook users keep spending time on Facebook...

That last point is critical.

Yes, Facebook wants the profit that comes from your adspend.

But that profit does not exist without users .

And that is why they are willing to sacrifice short-term profits (your adspend) to create a fantastic (and addicting) experience for their users.

So what does this mean for your Facebook ad strategy?

One of the biggest problems I see today is that people are still operating from a strategy that was designed for yesterday.

That old strategy looks something like this:

How do we get as many leads as possible, for as cheap as possible, in as short a time frame as possible?

Typically through short, curiosity-driven ads designed to get a whole lotta cheap clicks.

That’s great, and I love cheap clicks and leads too...

...but NOT at the expense of quality, profitability, or predictability.

The truth is, those old tactics don’t work anymore (even though a lot of guru’s are still teaching that stuff...).

There is a better way...

Have you ever noticed the type of content that gets MASSIVE engagement on Facebook?

It’s not hard-hitting, curiosity-laden ads - that’s for sure.

And that’s a problem...

Because if people aren’t sharing and engaging with your ads, Facebook is gonna jack up your prices.

And if your constantly dealing with ad burnout, it’s probably because you’re using ad copy that is not designed for a social ecosystem.

The key is writing ads are inherently valuable.

Ads that sell AND drive engagement.

Ads that create a fantastic experience for Facebook’s users - whether they take action on your offer or not.

And in my experience of working across multiple industries with several big name clients (people you’d recognize)...

...there is ONE type of ad that consistently works.

Here is the actual ‘boots on the ground’ method I use with my clients...

There is an ‘element’ of communication that seems to be forgotten in many of the Facebook ads I see.

And yet, this ONE thing:

  • drives billions of dollars in sales every day across multiple markets (pretty much all of them in fact)...
  • has created entire industries from scratch...
  • operates as a ‘Trojan horse’ for powerful ideas and lets you ‘sell without selling’...

What’s the one thing?





But not just any story.

A story that is designed to:

  • Convert attention into action...
  • Pre-sell your products and services (before the click!)...
  • And create a fantastic experience along the way...

When you can do all three of those things, you start winning.

Long-form STORY based ads are the future of Facebook ads.

There is no better method to simultaneously sell your stuff AND create a ‘world class Facebook experience.’

A story yanks you in, and shapes your thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

And all it takes is ONE great story to transform your ads from a ‘folding hand’ to a ‘flush.’

Attract your dream customers.

Repel the tirekickers.

When you get this right, the flywheel starts cranking:

  1. You are ONLY attracting higher quality leads and customers (the people you LOVE to work with)...
  2. This ^^ enhances Facebook’s targeting because they see who is converting, and can go find MORE of those people...
  3. AND since your focused on creating a great experience while selling, your ads are getting the type of engagement Facebook loves to they show your ads to MORE people for less money...

And on and on the flywheel goes.

Getting this right means you finally have CONFIDENCE in your traffic system, and CONTROL over the results...

And it all starts with long-form, story-based ads.

If you’re interested in testing some of these strategies with YOUR business, I have something for you. of the problems people run into is that long-form ads take a lot longer to write.

And you gotta test more copy to find a few winning ads to scale.

That’s why I put together a simple system to help you write faster, and test more copy with a LOT less effort...

I’ve put the entire process into a free report called Facebook Ad Magic.

mike kevin keith stage.jpg

This is the exact topic I taught on stage ^^ at Copy Chief Live (with Kevin Rogers and Keith Krance)...

...and people LOVED it.


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